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School Fundraising Pack

Engage your school community.

Students from Georgetown Day School (GDS), in Washington D.C., joined forces with AMAR to fundraise and promote awareness of the Syrian refugee crisis. The students have developed a #SilenceForSyrianRefugees campaign which they will launch at GDS.

"With your kindness and support, AMAR is ready and able to do much more to help these children in their time of need"

Baroness Nicholson

#SilenceForSyrianRefugees is an event in which all participating students commit to remaining silent throughout the day. In return for their small donation, students receive a green ribbon to indicate their association with the event to other students and teachers. The campaign is an expression of solidarity with the young Syrian children and teenagers who have had their lives torn apart by conflict and have been violently separated from the comfort and security every child is entitled to.

The GDS students and AMAR have developed a fundraising pack affording other students and schools the opportunity to join the campaign. The fundraising pack also offers a slew of other fundraising ideas ranging from yard sales to talent shows and provides templates and flyers essential to organizing and hosting a successful AMAR fundraiser.

The Syrian refugee crisis is one of the most urgent humanitarian crises currently facing the world community. Browse the fundraising pack and join the #SilenceforSyrianRefugees campaign today!

School Fundraising Pack

Download the complete fundraising pack

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